108 Life lessons I learned from Quora

What’s Quora?

Quora is a social media website that focuses on Questions and Answers. Many of you may have never heard of this site, but those who have to know how easy it is to get addicted to it. I love Quora, it’s always full of great information and answers to questions you really needed answers to but never knew you had to ask.

Life Lessons? On Quora?

I started my Quora account in September of 2019 for no reason other than the platform is interesting and because I have a habit of opening accounts on every website I stumble across. Since I’m a fan of psychology and philosophy alongside marvel and dc etc.; those were the topics I followed. The average Quora feed is filled with highly rated answers to questions that come under topics you follow. And Philosophy turns out to be a great place for Life advice. I seriously used to think of philosophy as the practice of asking complex questions for no f*cking reason and then living with the agony of an existential crisis.

Over the two years of holding a Quora account, I’ve religiously bookmarked/documented life tips and lessons that I found helpful or interesting. I’m going to share those with you today. So buckle up and be warned, some of these may change your life.

The Lessons

Some of these lessons are obvious, while I’ve tried to get rid of as many duplicates as possible; some may still slip unnoticed. I am genuinely sorry for those errors. I have made sure to credit the authors of the posts from which I’ve extracted these lessons and points. Some of the points are part of larger explanations that I’ve decided to simplify or cut off due to their redundancy. I’ve added comments in brackets on some of the points. There are a few tips of my own too. The lessons have been split into multiple categories so as to make it easier to digest and skim through. The categories include:

  • Information that could save your life one day
  • Life tips everyone should know
  • Top rules for life
  • Better social skill tips
  • Helpful practices to better your life
  • Dating tips
  • Phsycology tricks and tips
  • Unwritten social rules
  • Arguably unethical life hacks

Information that could save your life one-day

by https://www.quora.com/profile/Marcella-W-Mullen

  • If you are on verge of getting raped, hit the attacker’s testes as hard as you can and see how he will fall down and if they are in the group, don’t perform this brave stunt instead tell them you have HIV.
  • The Bystander Effect. If you’re unaware of this consequence, learning about it could save your life. The Bystander Effect refers to the dispersal of blame among onlookers. When someone is standing on the sidelines of a robbery or a fight, they will not intervene because they anticipate others to aid. When you are in a fight, are being robbed, or worse, do not expect others to help you. They will want to avoid it. Instead, look them in the eye, ask for their help, specifically direct it at them. That removes the feeling of anyone else being able to help as you asked it specifically of them.
  • Removing things from stab wounds causes more blood loss, which increases the likelihood of the victim dying. That object should be left alone. Don’t try to get rid of it.
  • Before getting off the plane, don’t inflate your life jacket. In case of emergency water landings, it is not a good idea to be ready with your inflated life jacket. According to many aviation safety experts, doing so will only make things worse for you. This is because as the plane begins to sink, the water inside the cabin will push you to the ceiling. You wouldn’t be able to move without assistance from there. So put on your life jacket and only inflate it once you’ve exited the plane.
  • Learn how to change your own tire and make sure you are equipped with a full-size spare and all the tools you need.
  • Let Someone Know Where You Will Be – When you live alone or even when you go out for the night, let a friend know where you will be. This barely takes any effort on your part, and if something does go wrong or you are not back in the morning, somebody will know where to start if they have to look for you.
  • Don’t walk down the stairs with your hands in your pockets. You need your hands to protect your head or stop your fall.
  • Take it slow. Most of the mistakes happen because we want to be fast. We want to go to other places, are in a rush and run amok. This is how a lot of accidents happen; someone is in a hurry and doesn’t pay enough attention.
  • If you are lost in the desert, or any deserted area, the important thing you can carry to increase your chances of being found is a small reflective mirror. Anytime a plane flies overhead you can reflect light towards them and you greatly increase your chances of being found. This seriously is more important than carrying more water with you.
  • Getting out of that sinking car. You must open a door as soon as you can before the water pressure makes it impossible. If you can’t do that then break a window. If either of these fails then stay calm and wait for the water to flow into the car. Once enough comes in the pressure will equalize and the door should open.
  • Bears; If it’s black, fight back. If it’s brown, lay down. If it’s white, goodnight

Life tips everyone should know

by https://www.quora.com/profile/Matthew-Brooks-293, https://www.quora.com/profile/Alice-Celia-Lee, https://www.quora.com/profile/Mark-Wilson-2086

  • After a bad break-up, do 10 things that your ex would never do with you. You’ll feel better and realize how much of yourself was being held back.
  • Never. Ever. Joke about a person’s intellect, body shape or career. Not unless you want to create resentment and destroy your friendship with others.
  • At every job you should either earn or learn. Either is fine. Both are best. But if it’s neither, quit.
  • When a friend is upset, ask him one simple question before saying anything else: “Do you want to talk about it or do you want to be distracted from it?”
  • Know something that no other person does. Be unique. Be needed.
  • Most people like to brag and all they do is talk about themselves. Just look at them straight in the eye without blinking and they’ll start feeling guilty.
  • Speak soft, clear and maintain proper eye contact with the person you are talking to. This is a proven tip for exuding confidence.
  • Sound decisive. Don’t ramble, mumble or use “uh” and “um” excessively. It makes you look less competent.
  • Be observant, know your work environment, and observe those you work with.
  • Yellow teeth? You can chew peanuts and hold them in your mouth, and brush your teeth for three minutes, it is very effective
  • Don’t call someone more than twice continuously. If they don’t pick up your call that means they have something more important to attend to.
  • Small dust enters your eyes, close your eyes and cough a few times, the dust will come out by itself
  • If you need a new boost of energy just have a cold shower.
  • Do free work for someone you very badly want to learn from. If you’re good at what you do, that free work almost always leads to bigger and better opportunities.
  • Pay attention to the smell of your home when you come back from a trip — that’s what it smells like to guests all the time; you just get used to it.
  • Dress well. always. A lot depends on how you look!
  • If you think the phone number a person give you is fake, you can read it out wrong, and see if the person will correct you.
  • If you have trouble choosing, flip a coin. If the answer is satisfying, well you got the answer, otherwise, you will immediately start wishing for the other choice. This is because your choices have already been made subconsciously; your brain is simply seeking validation for them.
  • Read the three and four-star reviews for the most reliable information on Amazon listings. 5-star reviewers put no effort into their reviews and most are fake, 2 stars and below are usually the ones with the one-off faulty products.
  • If there’s a jar or container you can’t open, run the lid under hot water for about 30sec. Dry it so you can get a good grip, then open. It really works.
  • Secretaries, tech support, and janitors are the true power in an office. Make friends with them and you’ll be able to get anything you need!

Top rules for life

by https://www.quora.com/profile/Elizabeth-Collins-328

  • Be private and lowkey. Don’t tell people more than they need to know. They can’t mess with what they don’t know.
  • Live in the moment. It means letting go of the past and not waiting for the future. Today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live.
  • Create a list of three priorities for every day (do this the night before)
  • Intentionally choose your relationships. So many of us are spread way too thin. Instead of spending 256 seconds with 15,000 people, try to spend more time with fewer people. Your life is only as good as the quality relationships you keep.

Better social skill tips

by https://www.quora.com/profile/Flavian-Mwasi, https://www.quora.com/profile/Nathan-Patrick-13

  • When someone asks you a question, don’t be in a hurry to answer or be too generous with your answer. Don’t play hero by volunteering information you were not asked.
  • Develop a habit of remembering people’s first names— including the clerk, the janitor, security guy, caretaker or the policeman. A person’s name is very close to a person, and the sweetest language everyone wants to hear is more than any other language.
  • People will always expect you to reciprocate their generosity or favours. Don’t be too foolish and deny them what they think is their right. Do the wise thing—return the favour, and they’ll think you’re normal. Take care, though, that you don’t give them your leg or your arm.
  • When talking, don’t try to compete with people. There’s nothing to be gained by outdoing others in talking or outsmarting others. In fact, the less you speak, the fewer people know about you, and the more they respect you.
  • The Japanese have a saying: “A clever eagle hides its claws”. When feeling strong, don’t show it to people. When you’re weak don’t even say anything. There’s much strength in silence, and there’s much power in staying humble.
  • A simple greeting costs nothing, yet it can build massive bridges between you and your perceived enemies and friends alike.
  • When you help other people or participate in charity, don’t blow the trumpet. Let others do it for you, for there’s nothing to be gained by praising yourself and everything to lose by bringing shame and dishonour upon yourself.
  • Opening the door or giving up your seat for a lady or the elderly isn’t up for discussion.

Helpful practices to better your life

by https://www.quora.com/profile/Rafael-Eliassen

  • Practice doing nothing — Regularly throughout the day, take 5-mins to enjoy where you are without a need to fix it.
  • Harness Awareness — meditate daily for at least 10-mins a day.
  • Fix body-clock — Wake up and sleep at roughly around the same time. You need some rhythm in your body.
  • Educate on life — Read philosophy and books, from the world’s greatest thinkers. You must learn to live a good life. It doesn’t come naturally.
  • Practice journaling or taking voicenotes. It is always good to keep track of your changing nature over time. It could be helpful in the future when you are going through something tough and need some motivation from your past.

Dating advice (I really need this)

by https://www.quora.com/profile/Wayne-Wambua, https://www.quora.com/profile/Nathan-Patrick-13, https://www.quora.com/profile/Matthew-Brooks-293, https://www.quora.com/profile/Elizabeth-Collins-328

  • Never take an ex back. She/He tried to do better and is settling with you.
  • Never date an ex of your friend
  • Lower your standards for no one.
  • Be friends first before dating
  • Long-distance relationships are not for everyone, don’t force it.
  • Communication is important. If they aren’t willing to talk things through, the relationship will eventually fail.
  • Time. Love people who consistently make time for you. (Side note: But not people who are always behind you; obsession)
  • It’s actually quite easy if you tell your flaws at the beginning instead of saving them for later.
  • You can’t change someone who doesn’t want to change.
  • Want your girlfriend to stop talking? Just hug her and say you want to hear her heartbeat. She’ll be quiet and think you’re romantic. (this is a good one)
  • “I love you” has a more emotional effect on the brain when it’s whispered into the left ear. (Some people need every trick in the book)

Phsycology tricks and tips

by https://www.quora.com/profile/Hina-Anser, https://www.quora.com/profile/Bill-Barry-68, https://www.quora.com/profile/Matthew-Brooks-293, https://www.quora.com/profile/Salome-94, https://www.quora.com/profile/Joshua-Simpson-189, https://www.quora.com/profile/Alice-Celia-Lee, https://www.quora.com/profile/Sofia-Lindemann

  • If you want people to believe your lies, then add lots of details to them.
  • Participants in one study were asked two versions of the same question: “How important is it to you to vote in tomorrow’s election?” and “How important is it to you to be a voter in tomorrow’s election?” Research results revealed that participants in the “voter” condition were more likely to cast their vote the next day because a noun reinforces their identity as members of a specific group
  • Your brain dismisses any information that looks unfamiliar. That’s why you fail to stick with a new diet and cultivate new habits in your life.
  • To find out if a person likes you, choose a word and each time he uses this word or synonymous phrases, nod and smile. If he likes you, watch him start to use the word all the time.
  • Do you want people to take your words seriously? Every time you tell them something, say that your father taught you this. People inherently tend to believe the advice of parents.
  • Become the ultimate “Rock Paper Scissors” champion! To win in the “Rock, Paper, Scissors” game, just before playing it, ask your opponent a random question. Most of the time your confused friend will throw “scissors.”
  • If you want people to agree with you, just nod and maintain eye contact as you speak. “The sign of assent” means “everything I say is true.” Also, following patterns of social behaviour, people tend to nod.
  • Have you ever wished the subway wasn’t so crowded in the morning? In crowded places, look right in front of you, in the direction you are going. You will be impressed to see the crowd literally walk past you. This trick is very easy to explain: in crowded places we tend to look others in the eye to know which way someone is going. We take the opposite path so as not to stumble.
  • If a certain song is stuck in your head and you would like to forget about it, try thinking about the ending of the song. According to the Zeigarnik effect, our brain tends to remember the things that we have left unfinished. So if you think about the end of the annoying repetition, you can put it out of your head.
  • If you really want something from someone, Frame it as an offer rather than a request.
  • To keep people in the same place: If you are having a meeting and notice that some people are already getting up to leave even though you’ve not finished talking, make sure to stay seated. Most people will sit back down in response.
  • To make someone associate positive adjectives with you: compliment them. People will start associating the adjectives you use for describing other people with your own personality.
  • To make someone like you more: reveal your flaws occasionally. According to the pratfall effect, other people will like you more if you make a mistake. There is one caveat though; this trick only works if you are already being seen as a competent person.
  • To make yourself look like a naturally good listener, even if you aren’t one: Paraphrase what someone else has just said and say it again. Remember to not be too obvious though.
  • If you want someone to carry something for you: hand it over to them while talking. Most people won’t notice that you’re handing them something and they will take it.
  • If you want to win most arguments; become the questioner. Question the reasons behind your opponent’s views and insert your points as thoughts that are part of your questions. This is why it works, When you attack someone, their natural reaction is to defend themselves.
  • If you feel angry, drawing straight lines will help to relax you; if you feel sad, you can draw a rainbow.
  • Cuteness inspires aggression, which is why we have the desire to squeeze cute things. However, not everybody experiences this aggression.
  • Liars detect lies better than others.
  • The more you talk about someone. The more you fall in love with them.

Unwritten social rules

by https://www.quora.com/profile/Chris-F-99, https://www.quora.com/profile/Melvin-H-Roosevelt

  • If you are talking with someone, and they are short in answers, keep looking away, or overall seem annoyed with the conversation. Respect their boundaries and end them. Very few can take the “hint.”
  • If someone is abusive once, could possibly be a mistake, twice, no more mistake. Believe them for who they are and not who you wish they were. You weren’t of value to them then, and won’t be in the future.
  • If you’re standing in line at a Grocery store, gas station, etc. Have your card/cash ready when there is a line. Don’t get to the register then find out you can’t find your card. Or go digging through 5 months of receipts and gum wrappers trying to find that quarter.
  • You see that cute pet approaching on your walk. ALWAYS ask if you can pet their animal. Never freely “help yourself.” For (1), you don’t know the demeanour of the dog, (2) you don’t know how they trained them and (3) could be a service animal, and that’s a big no.
  • I know it’s hard at times. Being kind to strangers, especially when you have your own “issues” going on in your life. However, be respectful and treat everyone how you would like to be treated when you are down.
  • When leaving a place of business always hold the door for the next person, no matter age, sex or religion. But don’t hold it if they are across the parking lot and they have to sprint from being pressured.
  • You are out and you see someone struggling with a shopping cart, wheelchair, walker, etc whatever the case may be. Don’t run up and instantly help. Ask them if they’d like help, if they agree, help them.
  • If you see a crowd forming and you go over to look. If you see it is someone who has fallen ill, make sure they have assistance and medical help is on the way. Once that is done, don’t be the person that stands around and stares. Go about your business.
  • Never shake hands sitting down. Always stand and introduce yourself, and make eye contact.
  • If you meet someone outside for a conversation, even if it’s brief, always remove your sunglasses, and don’t wear them inside.
  • If you borrow an item from a neighbour, return it as soon as you are done. Don’t make them come looking for it when they need it. Likewise, if you borrow a car, always return it full of gas.
  • Whenever you drop someone off make sure they get in their house safely.
  • Maybe someone cut their hair, maybe they lost or gained weight. Never make this the first comment in meeting the person. Let them initiate their “new” look.
  • When the bartender asks, you should already know what you want to drink.
  • Always bring a bottle of something to the party.
  • Never ask a woman if she’s pregnant unless you are literally witnessing her give birth
  • Never brag
  • If you think a woman looks younger than her age, tell her.
  • Learn how to greet and thank people in at least 10 languages.
  • Remember Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. They made you, you are forever indebted to them

Arguably unethical life hacks

by https://www.quora.com/profile/Matthew-Brooks-293

  • If someone who doesn’t know how to use a computer asks you to have a look at it because it’s slow, increase the speed of the mouse cursor. They’ll notice the difference and think you did something.
  • If someone is talking a lot and doesn’t let you speak, Just drop anything, like a pen or key, and get down to pick. It’s your turn to speak now.
  • If you ever make a mistake and someone is yelling at you, Don’t say anything, just put your head down. He/she will stop yelling.
  • Put your hand in front of someone who is talking, one who is very occupied, and they will give you whatever they have in their hand.
  • Tell someone you have recently lost weight if they call you fat. They will look like a jerk.
  • If you are buying something online, register on the site, then add the item to your cart, then close the page. The next day you will most likely get an email that says you’ve forgotten something in your cart and it will include a promo code for a per cent off. (I’ve got up to 70% off once)
  • If you forgot someone’s name. Just ask them ‘Hey, Can you spell your name once’. After the spell, their name act like you thought a different name. (Try this with your phone out as if you were saving them as a contact)
  • Read online subscription news for free by deleting the cookies in your web browser. If the site has a limit to the number of articles you can read before requiring a subscription, just delete the cookies in your web browser after you reached your limit. Your count will be restarted. Make sure you delete the cookies only for that specific website, otherwise you’ll be signed out of all the websites

That was a big list. I hope it has changed your life like it did mine. I’ve discovered that going through the list every month or so strengthens the memories of the tips in your mind, so you don’t forget to implement them in your life. I’m interested in knowing what tips you found interesting and if there are any other tips not on this list that you think everyone should know. Let me know by email at [email protected] and we could have a nice chat.

Thank you very much for reading, I’ll see you the next time I’m motivated enough to write I suppose?