Hey there,

I’m Joshua, a freelance graphic designer and computer enthusiast, and this is my blog…

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth” Marcus Aurelius

That’s my favorite quote by the way. It reminds me that our outlooks often make us feel bad and down in life; and that outlooks can be changed, so we don’t always have to remain feeling bad and down in life.

To put simply, this blog is about whatever I find interesting. But, to put aesthetically, it’s a simple blog about the complexities of life. I’ll try my best to write up to that statement, and entertain you guys with stories from my idle endeavors in life. (I did the thing, I broke the wall!) I love to pass on everything I’ve learned, so this is my way of passing stuff I learn onto the world. That includes you dear reader!

Have a fun time!

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