I’ve been really down lately with a lot of worries and stresses in life. To the point where when I was heading off to sleep, I dreaded waking up.

One of the other nights before an exam, I really couldn’t go to sleep, this had been happening for weeks prior already. And then I just thought, why not write all that I’m worried about onto a note?

If I can take notes on things I find interesting, why not take note of those I find frustrating?

So I spent a solid 19 minutes writing down every single thing I was worried about. I started each line with ‘I’m worried…’. I’m worried about this, I’m worried I’ll that. etc etc.

I felt lighter that night. And the day after too.

I realised that our minds can only worry about so many things at once. And when we’ve got a lot to worry about, our minds remember a few of those and the rest just fade to the back. We’ll feel depressed, tired and down overall because we know there’s a lot to worry about, but can’t recall what exactly it is that we’re worried about.

Writing all of my Worries down gave me an entirely new level of clarity. For the first time I could read through it all without judgement and see the things that were bothering me, listed out before me. I gained the ability to discern what was the most important thing to deal with and take actions towards that. It partially eliminated the need to vent at someone else to solve the problems.

I even turned them into a checklist, and every time I dealt with a worry for good, I ticked it off. This gave me a literal list of how my life was improving.

The importance of ToDo lists have been stated enough, at least so I feel. What we need to state anew is a case for a ‘Worries To Deal With’ list.

Try it for yourself. Might help you ease through whatever it is that life’s been yeeting in your direction.